[C.S. Bharati]

A thousand voices have declared it of old and some are proclaiming it to-day, but still it is not an “old truth”. It is very new, this truth of ‘immortality’. May millions declare it, and many millions of millions realize it, in all the worlds.

Man can make himself immortal here on earth by making his personality one with the Soul of the Universe. This unification can be achieved by the ceaseless exercise of Will. Collect all the life-streams and though-streams in thy being, making them all into a might river. Let this mighty river ever flow towards the Truth. And the Truth shall make thee immortal.

The body must be prepared for holding and reflecting the light even before the latter is realized in the mind. This can be done by dispensing with all superfluities in dress and by a constant and intelligent motion of the limbs. We must give the body sufficient natural food, when it really requires it. We must keep it clean and tidy, vigorous and active. But we must never worry our minds about it, never entertain any fears on its behalf, and never release our complete mastery over it. Life can be made electric, thoughts luminous, and soul joyous by exercising all our inner and outer faculties justly and well, all the while “meditating on the Truth”.

For a Divine Truth is the first reality of man’s experience. There is a Beauty in the heart of this world. All conscious things are conscious of it in various degrees. Indeed some may deny the All-Great of the Universe while they are arguing either with themselves or with others. But all have felt it. It is what you know as existence, life, thought, passion, aspiration or love. The All-Great is the foundation of the sense of reality. The world lives. It has therefore a life working in and though its body. It is the life of the Universe that the sages have glorified by the name Divine.

Deep in the heart of Nature, there is an unending flow of harmony. Whose drinks of this harmony attains to immortality. Trees, stars and clods, the ripples on the stream and the fair minds of Brindaban-they all melt into one joy of life when the notes of the Divine Flute are heard. The voice of immortality shall make thee realize that thou art one with the dawn and the night, the stars and the pebbles. And yet it is this realization that a man must have before ever he can hear the voice of immortality.

Self-surrender is the supreme condition of winning the universal life. Men will part with their wealth, their rights and even their lives, at the call of religion. But when you ask them to exchange their human self for the divine self, which is exactly what all great religions want them to do, they refuse. For the wine of mortality has a terrible fascination for most of us. And yet by flinging myself into the blazing fire of universal Reality. I do not lose myself. I emerge out of the ordeal, shining and deathless. Brothers and sisters, come let us strive to become immortals by losing ourselves in the Supreme Light.


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